A mod for Baldur's Gate Trilogy and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition,
by mirandir
revised by Zyl

Version française

Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour

Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour is a little mod for Baldur’s Gate Trilogy and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition which aims to make the character of Garrick more interesting to play, adding new dialogues, new situations and encounters as well as additional songs proper to the bard of Beregost. For this reason it is based on the content introduced by BG1NPC and completes it.
I hope that it will let you, reader, appreciate this character who, despite his reputation of useless gullible or baggage carrier, comes with good options of role-play, for who knows how to exploit him.

Sit by the fire, forget the worries of the road, and listen to the tales of the troubador...

Installation and compatibility

Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour is a mod based on WeiDU software, which allows a simplified installation and an improved compatibility with the other mods you could install to brighten up your parties.

Installation is simple : you just have to unzip the mod archive in the folder where you installed Baldur’s Gate Trilogy, by using a software such 7-zip, then double-click ‘setup-garrick-tt.exe’. Do not forget to answer ‘yes’ when the software asks you whether to install the mod !

Garrick : tales of a troubador depends upon Baldur’s Gate Trilogy and BG1NPC, and will not install if these two mods are not already installed (only BG1NPC is required with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition). It is compatible with Worldmap, provided to first unzip it inside the game folder (without installing it), then installing Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour. Finally Worldmap could be installed next.

Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour and Garrick's Infatuation and Tenya NPC conflicts each other. It is not recommended to install them together.

In detail

At present and higgledy-piggledy, Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour is :


Version : 1.26 (22/04/2016)
Size : 6 MB
Click here to download.


Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour uses music or excerpts of the following :
The idea behind adding additional bard songs comes after Bard Song Switching mod, although I do not use it the same way. Thanks !

Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour is not developed, supported or endorsed by BioWare, Interplay, Black Isle, Overhaul Games or Beamdog.
All images used by the mod are properties of BioWare, Interplay, Black Isle or Wizards of the Coast.

You are free to redistribute Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour as you wish, as long as you do not sell it, do not modify it, do cite the author and provide a link to Mod Website.

Releases and changes (warning : spoilers !)










1.00: initial release